I work as a  freelance Director of musical theatre, plays and pantomime productions with youth and community theatres and other external organisations and as a performance artist and writer.

Below are listed most recent performances and ventures as a performer and creative practicioner for my own work.

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As well as having a large input on designs for the stage productions I direct and designing my own performance work, I regularly design graphics; posters, logos and online content for organisations and individuals mostly those working in the creative and performing arts.

Some examples of my recent work is below and can be found on my Facebook page:

I often work for charities and community organisations

and provide an affordable, personalised and efficient service.

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RECKONING (2020/21)

Following on from Thought Processed and as part of the series of digital performances

Writer & Perfomer 

Reckoning : The action or process of calculating or estimating something. The avenging or punishing of past mistakes or misdeeds.

Performance - May 2021 

Reckoning: the Rave - Summer 2021

First Look & Process pieces: December 2020 & March 2021


A new digital solo performance during Lockdown

Writer & Perfomer 

August 2020


Weekly spoken word series during Lockdown

Writer & Perfomer 

During April to June I wrote and performed spoken word pieces every Saturday Live on Facebook.


A new social media public participation project


There was a lot to be scared of in the uncertain times during lockdown and a lot to learn to get used to but it’s also important and helpful to focus on the good that we have seen, heard and done and the positive things we have achieved.

Through this initiative we invited people to share what and who they have loved, enjoyed and what they have appreciated more than ever and to celebrate what they or others have learned or achieved during this time.  

29 30 (2019)

Solo devised autobiographical performance using storytelling, physical theatre and music.

Writer & Perfomer 

Performance exploring turning 30 and reflecting on life up until this point from childhood to adulthood.

1 December 2019, Project Theatre Studio

Performance Photography: Tommy Smith @fk1it